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Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder 5.64

Professional and Streamlined Screen Recording Software

Thanks to the presence of numerous software designers you now have alternatives to typical screen capture applications such as Firefox Awesome Screenshot Plus.

One package that is an excellent example of this versatility is Icecream Screen Recorder. Offering all of the functionality of more well-known models this variant is highly intuitive and is perfect if you use multiple browsers during a typical Internet session.

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  • Eliza Knight

    by Eliza Knight

    Work very well in my experience. Can record partial screen. I will definitely recommend this

  • KittyCatsRule!

    by KittyCatsRule!

    Very VERY bad!. Its very bad! I could even use it!! It made me upset! Please check out my channel ull see why (chanello_playzz)!!!

  • by Anonymous

    Recorded video looks great but with no audio its a waste of time.. Seems like a great program, bought the pro version, recorded my first screencast and realized no audio was recorded with the video. What a huge letdown. I did it again. Still no audio. Fiddled with the settings. Still no audio. Giving up.

  • Marla Moore

    by Marla Moore

    Big let down yet it could be great if the fixed it. I too thought this was going to be the best recording software so easy to use but after paying 40$ still no audio! Changed laptops, mics, setting etc. sent log to support still no resolution or reply except that it takes time to resolve. Sure.... I know stalling when I see it. Pros: Easy to use. Cons: AUDIO TO WORK!!!!

  • by Anonymous

    Screen blacks out. I have tried many recording softwares for my computer and I am tired of going through them. I found IceCream and thought that this would be the one that would finally work. I started recording and I thought to myself "this is great" I was recording GTA and I was so relieved that I had finally found a screen recorder that had worked. Finally, I went to go watch my video through a More

  • by Anonymous

    It's Not Working.. It only let me record for 3 seconds then it said there was a problem then it sut down. I really thought this was a really good screen recorder but it's not. Pros: How easy it is to use. Cons: LET ME RECORD. STOP SHUTTING DOWN.